Kaospilot Masterclass - Reboot learning

Alkimia believes in the transformative potential of education, but we know that in order to realise that potential, we need to "reboot" the way that we currently design and facilitate learning in schools, companies and society.

That's why we are proud to exclusively offer in Australia the Kaospilot Design Agency Masterclass -  "The Art and Craft of Designing and Facilitating Learning Spaces".



All forms of learning and education should help realise the untapped potential of learners for creative problem solving in complexity, collaboration and personal growth and development.  The highly acclaimed 3-day Masterclass, The Art and Craft of Designing and Facilitating Learning Spaces, is an opportunity to start an education and learning reboot.

The Kaospilot Masterclass invites participants to explore, experience and be trained in the KAOSPILOT approach to designing and facilitating learning that inspires and promotes creativity, engagement, innovation and risk-taking in learning spaces.

Kaospilot is an alternative business, design and leadership school in Denmark. BusinessWeek has recognized The Kaospilots as "one of the best design schools in the world", and Fast Company has named it in its Startup League's Big 10, "preparing you for the fast moving startup economy". More than 2500 educators, program directors, learning designers and consultants, trainers, facilitators and edu-preneurs have participated in this Masterclass across 40 countries.

Based on the opportunity pedagogy and the Kaospilot competency framework, this 3-day Masterclass will introduce, explore and train participants in experiential learning and teaching that will facilitate creativity, engagement, innovation and risk-taking. The programme is built around a rigorous training platform that dynamically combines practice, reflection and theory. You will have the opportunity not only to talk about your ideas for pedagogical and methodological change, but also practice and develop them! Through imaginative interpretation, “hacking” and creative application of your curriculum, new pedagogical and methodological processes will be explored which will challenge and "reboot" approaches to learning and content delivery. You can read a full description here.


Bring your real projects and program challenges, your openness to unlearn and learn, your questions and imagination, your experience and your beginner's mindset, your curiosity to connect and learn with others also seeking to transform education.

Below is a video showing a recent Masterclass experience (from a recent workshop in Sydney with Simon Kavanagh from the Kaospilot Education Design Agency).

"The Masterclass was amazing. Loved Ramon’s facilitation and the Kaospilot way. Drop PowerPoint, embrace flow and fluidity. Let learners own their experience." – Nicole Lee, Consultant and Coach, Transformational Change

BusinessWeek has recognized The Kaospilots as "one of the best design schools in the world".

Fast Company has named it in its Startup League's Big 10, "preparing you for the fast moving startup economy".


Join if you are a teacher, edu-preneur, L&D professional,  consultant, process facilitator or trainer who wants to explore new ways to reboot education and learning for more impact.


Special prices for ed2ed, Public and not-for- profit participants. See below.

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(includes lunches & refreshments) - the course is 3 full days (9am - 5pm) and allows for a maximum of 24 participants.


$950 (+ GST) as part of our ed2ed, public and not 4 profit EDUCATION SERIES.


$1950 (+GST) for private (non-ed2ed*) participants, consultants or trainers.


If you are eligible for the ed2ed discount, please contact Ramon Marmolejos at ramon@alkimialearning.com for more information.

*non-ed2ed price
This Course is a not for profit one. It is aimed at education personnel working at under & post grad levels and those interested in designing new forms of powerful public & private education. A higher cost of AU$ 1950 will apply to those working within corporate training, consultancy or train the trainer companies. If you are unsure about this contact me: ramon@alkimialearning.com


  • Learn about team-based pedagogy, group dynamics and team building methods to establish strong peer-to-peer, shared learning environments and to increase student engagement.


  • Learn how to design, lead and facilitate transformational programs, learning spaces, learning experiences and strategies and how to establish the correct frames that promote “multiple pathways to learning so that all students are engaged and successful”.


  • Learn how to run creative processes, exploring ideas and innovation using effective and fun brainstorming techniques, rapid prototyping and working with problem solving through design thinking practices.


  • Learn about the hidden potential in practical and class-team work for the development of intra & interpersonal student skills such as personal expression and values, leadership, collaboration etc. and how to integrate them into curriculum design, daily lesson plans, and a classroom environment which promotes stretch zones, risk taking, creativity and reflection.


  • Learn the importance of open dialogue with your students around transparent and proactive planning and learning agreements, supporting personal educational commitment.

Each participant will receive an invite to the A&CFLS Alumni network on linked in. You will also receive a link to the 'NO EXCUSES FOR NOT APPLYING THIS' dropbox that has the following in it!


  • The slide deck with all the posters and tools used (and more!)

  • The full 1st day schedule, step by step so that you can repeat this day with your colleagues or students, invite them into an experiment and then ask what did we like form this way of working.

  • A 20 page workbook with all the exercises that you have experienced with facilitator notes and some extra ones that we use to promote innovation, creativity & leadership.

  • Further reading & reference. 50 very well chosen articles to deepen your practice and theory from the masterclass

  • 20 handpicked online videos, again to deepen your practice and theory from the masterclass and support anchoring and communication of this methodology

  • The Kaospilot presentation that you didn’t see during the master class

  • And over 50 tools explained in detail, processes, energizers, interventions and exercises that you can use to SET : HOLD & LAND learning arches.

  • Access to the 3m long vision backcasting method and learning arch grids


Read more on Alkimia Directors and Facilitators of the Kaospilot Masterclasses in Australia -

Ramon Marmolejos and Zoe Fitzgerald.